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unnamed 13 Top 10 Essential Skin Care Tips you should follow in winter

Top 10 Essential Skin Care Tips you should follow in winter

You may enjoy the winter season in a variety of weather extremes. Starting from cold chills to freezing temperatures, snow, and a beautiful winter landscape. But all this you get at the cost of your skin damage. So in this blog, ilaj Mualja helps you to determine those factors that make your skin flaky and extremely dry. Moreover, with expert recommendations and nutritionist food choices, we will let you know how to protect your skin from winter harm. Here are the top 10 important skin care tips that should follow this winter. 

  • Best Moisturizer For Skin 

Best Moisturizer For Skin - Skin Care Tips in Winter

The cold weather of winter deprives your skin of natural moisture content. Therefore, the best skin care tip in winter is to moisturize your skin with natural food and remedies. According to your skin condition, one must know the choice of moisturizer that suits best on their skin. In addition, this moisturizer will provide the best results when its ingredients include Coconut, rose water, vitamin E, and Alovera in its ingredients. 

  • Apply Gentle Soap in Winter

Apply Gentle Soap in Winter - Skin Care Tips in Winter

Normally the common soaps in winter leave your skin irritated and dry. This is because the harmful chemicals that are present in its composition are not good for your skin. So the best skin care tip in winter for you is to apply natural soap. It means soaps that are formulated with natural ingredients. It includes Almonds, Coconut, Peach, and Rose with a natural essence. It helps to keep your skin well moisturized and hydrated. 

  • Avoid Hot Water

Avoid Hot Water - Skin Care Tips in Winter

Another important tip in winter for your skincare routine is to avoid hot water. This is because most of the time people experience winter chills and avoid using cold water. Hence, they prefer to use hot water. This can leave your skin irritated and damaged as well. So experts recommend you use lukewarm water for your skin. In addition, this type of water choice also maintains your skin health. 

  • Best Humidifier to Combat Dry Winter Air

Best Humidifier to Combat Dry Winter Air

In winter most people prefer to use Humidifier. The purpose of this humidifier I to prevent air dryness, pollution, and indoor excess heating. In return, your skin will not be affected by winter allergens. However, to make all these perks available to your skin, it is advised to use the best Humidifier for your skin care tips in Winter. Moreover, it is the best advice to use a humidifier that has a long-running time with top ultrasonic features.

  • Avoid Excess Skin  Exposure 

Avoid Excess Skin  Exposure - Skin Care Tips in Winter  

In winter people love to sunbathe. This is because it provides them with a warm sensation and good effect. However, it is also necessary to keep in mind that excess sunbathing may provide you with ultraviolet radiation that damages your skin badly. For this, we recommend you use a sunblock that has at least  SPF 15. This sunblock not only protects your skin from harmful radiation but also provides essential natural factors that are necessary for your skincare routine. 

  • Protects Lips From Cold

Protects Lips From Cold

As the winter season arrives, lips are the first part that affects mostly. Winter cause crack lips and dry them out. So it is advised to protect your skin from winter by applying natural moisturizer on your lips. The best ingredients present in nature are Shea butter, coconut oil, Alovera, etc. 

  • Avoid Closer to Heat

Avoid Closer to Heat - Skin Care Tips in Winter  

The classic and most loving way in winter is to get warm by closing the heater. However, it may be advised to avoid excess closure. Otherwise, it may leave your skin dry and damaged as well. 

  • See Dermatologist 

See Dermatologist 

Another important Skin care tips in winter is to see your dermatologist for the best skincare routine. This is because a dermatologist will guide you to complete healthy note tips for skin care. In this way, you can maintain healthy, well-nourished skin. 

  • Winter Foods For Skin

Winter Foods For Skin

Nutrition is also equally important in winter for the skin. For these, ilaj Mualja will recommend you eat those foods that have healthy fats and omega three fatty acids. To know more about it, you can book your appointment with your consultant Nutritionist near you. 

  •  Drink a Lot of Water

Dehydration is another important factor in winter. So it is advised to drink water to fulfill body requirements. 

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