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National Hospital Lahore

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About National Hospital and Medical Center, Lahore

National Hospital and Medical Center is a modern tertiary care hospital with the latest medical facilities and technologies. The hospital was established in 1999 to provide quality healthcare services to patients using modern technologies and highly qualified doctors and staff. National Hospital Lahore is equipped with the latest medical technologies and facilities. National Hospital Lahore provides an extensive array of medical specialties and departments, tailored to meet the diverse healthcare requirements of patients. Providing patient care that is personalized and compassionate is a core commitment of the hospital. National Hospital and Medical Center are widely renowned for their excellent healthcare services in Pakistan.

Room Charges at National Hospital Lahore:

National Hospital Lahore offers a variety of room types to suit the needs and budgets of patients. The hospital’s room charges depend on the room type the patient selects. The hospital offers private rooms, semi-private rooms, and general ward rooms. The room charges vary from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 45,000 daily.

National Hospital

National Hospital is a reputed, 250 bedded private hospital in D.H.A. Phase 1, Lahore, Pakistan. The National Hospital initially started as an Orthopedic Center in 1993 and continued to grow over the years into what it is today. It was founded by Prof. Aftab Ahmed and Prof. Dr. Shahida Khawaja, who is also the present CEO of this hospital. National Hospital Lahore is well equipped to provide a comprehensive spectrum of medical services and is a top class hospital with excellent facilities and highly qualified doctors. It is considered a leading healthcare institution and has become one of the most visited private hospitals in Lahore.

The National Hospital has a wide range of facilities available for patients, from semi-private wards and public wards to incredibly luxurious executive wards. The primary focus of the hospital is to provide quality medical services. This is why special care is taken to provide comfort and care to the patients who come to the hospital. National Hospital Lahore is staffed by highly qualified, experienced and compassionate doctors who are trained to provide high quality medical treatment in accordance with the highest standards of healthcare.

National Hospital Lahore Fees

The average consultation fee at National Hospital and Medical Center ranges from RS 2000 – 4000.

List of National Hospital Doctors

National Hospital DHA employs a staff of 113 largly educator’s croakers. You can see the full list of National Hospital doctors at the top of the page.

Following are some of the experienced doctors available at National Hospital and Medical Centre, Lahore:

  • Professor Dr. Arif Amir Nawaz
  • Sikandar Iqbal
  • Muhammad Ayub
  • Dr. Naveed Ishaq Malik
  • Professor Dr. Aizaz Mand Ahmad

Working Hours of National Hospital Lahore

The National Hospital and Medical Center is open 24/7 although doctors have specific hours for consultations and appointments.

National Hospital Lahore Appointment

To book an appointment with any doctor at National Hospital Lahore, call 042-38900939 or click on the “Book Appointment” button.

Services and facilities are available at National Hospital Lahore.

National Hospital Lahore has access to the latest medical equipment in Pakistan. It includes equipment for both testing and operations, so the hospital can provide the highest quality healthcare services. Their pharmacy and lab are also well stocked and open 24/7.

Following are some of the services handed by National Hospital Lahore:

24/7 emergency services

The hospital is providing round-the-clock emergency services.

Executive rooms

Apart from standard patient wards, the hospital offers luxurious accommodation with executive rooms designed to provide maximum comfort during your stay.

Highly qualified doctors

National Hospital has an excellent medical team of foreign qualified doctors and expert nursing staff who are skilled in providing efficient and reliable services.

Latest technology

 The hospital uses advanced technology and medical equipment to provide the most effective treatment.

Surgical services

Doctors at National Hospital are experts in providing reliable surgical services and performing procedures like appendectomy, C-section, and coronary artery bypass. The hospital also has modern operation theaters for surgical operations.

Cardiology Services:

The Cardiology Center at National Hospital Defense is considered among the best and most technologically advanced facilities in the hospitals of Lahore. Initially started as a clinical cardiology center, it has expanded to provide comprehensive care for all types of cardiac, vascular and pulmonary disorders such as heart attack, heart arrhythmia, coronary artery blockage, and aortic aneurysm. Who is Some of the standout cardiology services at National Hospital include echocardiography, 24/7 Holter monitoring and ambulatory BP monitoring.

Best national Hospitals in Lahore

“Health is wealth”, the saying holds much value, especially when one’s health is affected. Then people look for the best health facility to properly address the suffering. If we talk about the second largest city and the fastest growing metropolitan area in Pakistan, Lahore is known for its medical facilities across the country. Here rehabilitation and health care centers are also serving with dedication in the streets of public, private and semi-private hospitals.

Lahore has been the center of medical facilities for the entire subcontinent. Before the independence of Pakistan, some prominent social and political figures of the sub-continent did great work in the field of health care to serve the suffering humanity. And still all these hospitals in Lahore are in good condition. Whatever the ailment, Lahore is home to all types of healthcare facilities.

Government Hospital

Most government hospitals are listed as public health facilities that cost almost nothing and also provide free trust-based treatment. The hospitals are as follows:

  • Mayo Hospital
  • Services Hospital
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  • Gulab Devi Hospital
  • Sheikh Zayed Hospital
  • Jinnah Hospital
  • Hospital
  • Combined Medical Hospital (CMH)
  • General Hospital

These public and private medical centers provide 24/7 services for routine check-ups/treatment and emergencies.

Best cancer care hospitals

Since cancer is the most dreaded disease, it is important to treat it at the right time. Unfortunately, thousands of people fall victim to this disease every year. Keeping in view the sensitivity of the disease, Lahore is providing the best cancer care facilities. The largest trust hospital for cancer care is Shaukat Khanum in Lahore, which is considered by experts to be the most authoritative institution in Pakistan to fight against cancer.

  • Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre
  • Anmol Hospital
  • Naaz Hospital
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Departments of National Hospital Lahore

National Hospital Lahore provides comprehensive services including all major specialties like General Surgery, Cardiology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pulmonology, ENT, Urology, and Dermatology. National Hospital Defense Lahore has some of the most advanced facilities including Lahore’s most prominent cardiology department. The cardiologists there are equipped with some of the best equipment in the medical industry and are capable of performing complex procedures like open heart surgery.

The Department of Orthopedics at the National Hospital is also very well equipped, being one of the oldest departments in the hospital, it has the latest technology that allows the doctors there to treat spinal fusion, joint replacement, and bone fractures. Allows procedures such as repairs to be performed. Their infant department is also considered very good.


The National Hospital and Medical Center is a hub of medical care for both inpatients and outpatients. National Hospital Lahore is located at 132/3, L Block, Near Sports Stadium, DHA, Phase 1, Lahore. Over the years it has evolved into a state-of-the-art hospital which is now one of the most recommended hospitals in Lahore. The National Hospital is equipped with extensive facilities for simple to complex medical treatment and 250 beds for patients. National Hospital Lahore works 24/7, but each specialist has specific hours.