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Dr. Ayesha PT



03 Years Experience

56 Patient Reviews

ilaj Mualja offers you a list of verified physiotherapists in Chaughtai Medical center Johar Town, Lahore to book your appointment. You can easily consult a physiotherapist near you. We have a large number of top physiotherapists Dr. Ayesha PT is Practicing at Chaughtai Hospital Johar Town with their distinctive professional career.  Here we are going to discuss the best services and area of speciality of Chaughtai Health Center Johar Town, Lahore. 

Who is a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist deals with patients to create specialized programmes that aim to improve their functional capacity and mobility as much as possible. From infancy to old age, they are educated to help patients whose function and posture are compromised by:

  • Ailment Health circumstances
  • Environmental protection of injury
  • Aging \disorders
  • Weight problems
  • Trauma

Moreover, if you feel any experience or symptoms like muscle pain, mobility issues, muscle injury, chronic pain and post surgical problems in body structural movement , then definitely you should immediately consult with a physiotherapist Chaughtai Medical Center Johar Town, Lahore. A well known and expedience physiotherapist will guide you about proper physical therapies you should carry while managing your health concerns.