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Figs Benefits

Figs Benefits and Nutritional Values

It is unimaginable how much everyone loves dry fruits and How many Figs Benefits are . Without a variety of dry fruits, a celebration or special occasion is not complete. They are incredibly healthy, which strengthens this delightful relationship even more. One of these royal dry fruits is fig. They are nutrient-dense and have a number of potential health advantages. They might help you control your blood sugar levels, encourage good digestion, and lower your risk of heart disease.

This article is covering the nutrition of figs, their advantages, the best time to eat figs, and how to include them in your diet.

What are Figs?
The Figs are the fruit of the ficus tree, a member of the mulberry family. They have a distinct, sweet flavor, a soft and chewy texture, and are packed with edible seeds that are somewhat crunchy.

Due to their fragility and short shelf life, fresh figs are frequently dried. This results in a dried fruit that is sweet and healthy and can be consumed all year round.

There are numerous kinds of figs, and each one has a unique color and feel. Their distinctive characteristic is a tiny bud-like opening at the top of the plant called an ostiole that aids in fruit development.

Because of their inherent sweetness, they were frequently employed as a sweetener before the advent of refined sugars.

Nutritional Properties of Figs
Figs are a great addition to a healthy diet because they are nutrient-rich and low in calories. 100 grams of fresh fig fruit contains the following nutrients.

Nutritional Values inside 100g Fig Fruit
Energy – 74 Kcal
Folates – 6 µg
Niacin – 0.400 mg
Carbohydrates – 19.18 g
Protein – 0.75 g
Total Fat – 0.30 g
Dietary Fibre – 2.9 g
Pantothenic acid – 0.300 mg
Thiamin – 0.060
Pyridoxine – 0.113 mg
Riboflavin – 0.050 mg
Minerals inside 100g Fig Fruit
Sodium – 1 mg
Iron – 0.37 mg
Magnesium – 17 mg
Potassium – 232 mg
Calcium – 35 mg
Copper – 0.070 mg
Manganese – 0.128 mg
Zinc – 0.15 mg
Selenium – 0.2 µg
What are the Amazing Figs Benefits for your Health?
Figs have a number of health benefits and here you go with the details.

1. It help to maintain good digestive health

Constipation is a typical digestive condition. Fig fruits have long been used as a natural medicine or at-home therapy for constipation. The high fiber content of fig fruits can help with digestive health.

According to research, fiber acts as a prebiotic, or a food source for the good bacteria in your stomach, and helps soften and thicken feces. So the fiber in figs helps to reduce constipation.
Another study raises the possibility that fig fruit pastes or extracts could speed up the digestion of food. It consequently helps to treat constipation and lessens the signs and symptoms of digestive illnesses including ulcerative colitis.
In another study, 150 participants with IBS-C (irritable bowel syndrome with constipation) consumed about four dried figs twice a day. Pain, bloating, and constipation symptoms were significantly less severe for them.
Similar research found that eating 300 grams of fig fruit paste every day for eight weeks dramatically reduced constipation.
It is evident that fig fruits significantly enhance your digestive health.

2. Figs help you to have a healthy skin

The skin may benefit from fig fruits as discussed below.

Studies show that eating dried fig fruits is effective for healthy and young-looking skin.
On 45 kids, researchers applied a lotion with dried fig fruit extract. For two weeks, it was done twice daily, and the outcomes showed that in treating the signs and symptoms of dermatitis, the dried fig fruit cream performed better than the other simple skin cream.

Figs are mostly used for dry, itchy skin or allergic dermatitis.
A combination of fruit extracts, including fig extracts, may have antioxidant effects on skin cells, according to another study.
Figs assist in preventing collagen deterioration and minimizing wrinkles.

3. Figs help you to achieve your weight loss targets

Figs are a great snack if you are trying to lose weight because they are high in fiber and low in calories.

High-fiber foods like figs can make you feel full between meals and help you eat less when they are a part of a balanced diet. As a result, they might facilitate weight loss.
Dietary fibers are said to aid in weight loss, according to numerous research and figs contain a high amount of dietary fiber.
Dried figs that have been soaked are easier to digest.
Some people claim that rehydrating fig fruits in water increase their fulfilling capacity, which lowers calorie intake and promotes weight loss.
You may consult a nutritionist to get a diet plan for figs intake in your regular diet at very affordable rates and to know more Figs Benefits , Visit our YouTube Channel..

4. Figs are anti-inflammatory in nature

Figs include antioxidants that shield cells from free radical damage and reduce inflammation.
Figs are also a rich source of phytochemicals. These phytochemicals aid in reducing inflammation and guard against the onset of new inflammation by scavenging free radicals.
Additionally, numerous studies demonstrate the existence of flavonoids and polyphenols in dried figs. So, it aids in the treatment of osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and periodontal bone loss.

5. Figs help to boost sperm count and increase male fertility

Zinc is really important for the production of testosterone. Men who are zinc deficient may therefore have lower testosterone levels. But do you know that figs are a good source of zinc? So they can become a great natural approach to increasing your testosterone levels.

Figs contain a lot of antioxidants, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. These compounds can therefore aid in enhancing sperm motility and quantity. So in this way, figs are extremely helpful in raising sperm count. Many researchers have demonstrated the effectiveness of fig leaf extracts in boosting sperm count.

Moreover, if anyone of you is facing any issues regarding your sperm count and production, you may take a consultation with the best sexologists in your city.

6. Figs help to promote cardiovascular health

You can improve your cardiovascular health and lower your risk of heart disease by eating more figs.
According to a study, fig extract decreased blood pressure in mice with normal and high blood pressure.
Additional research reveals that fig leaf extracts may raise levels of healthy cholesterol and triglycerides.

7. Figs have anti-cancer properties in nature

Several studies have shown that fig leaves and the natural latex produced by fig plants have anti-cancer capabilities. They support the reduction of human colon, breast,

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