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Syeda Mubashra Zahra Best Psychologist In Model Town Lahore

Ms. Syeda Mubashra Zahra


MS Clinical Psychology

03 Years Experience

06 Patient Reviews

Best Psychologist with Top Reviewed in Model Town 

ilaj Muajla provides you with complete information about the Best Psychologist at Model Town Lahore for your ease. Almost more than 350+ psychologists are practicing here. However, we have selected the most experienced and top-rated psychologist for you. You can contact them according to your availability. Here we are going to mention all the necessary information related to a TTop Psychologist in Model Town, Lahore .

Who is a psychologist? 

A psychologist is a specialist who studies mental states, sensory, intellectual, emotional, and Social Processes, as well as behavior. Their work commonly includes experimentation, evaluation, and perception of how people interact with one another and with their surroundings.

Types of  Psychologist at Model Town, Lahore.

The unconsciousness and conscious mind state of each individual vary from one another. There are a number of environmental factors that play an important role in individual personality. For this, the vast psychology field is divided into subcategories. These are:

  • Clinical psychologist
  • Social psychologists
  • Health psychologists
  • Cognitive psychologist
  • Counseling psychologists
  • Evolutionary psychologists
  • Forensic psychologists
  • Cognitive psychologists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Occupational psychologist
  • Behavior psychologists

 10 Signs You Need a Psychologist.

ilaj Mualja shows here the top 10 red flags that indicate now it’s time to consult with a psychologist. Because if these signs and symptoms are continuously showing in your behaviors and you are not paying attention then definitely it is going to get worse with time.

Transition Stage

We frequently face lifestyle changes, whether it is a career change or another change in our lives. However, if this alteration does not have a positive impact on you and instead makes you feel even more unstable, you must seek the advice of a psychologist to figure out what’s bothering you and find relief, as well as participate in online counseling sessions based on your existing medical condition.

  • Low self Esteemed 

Ups and downs are both a part of everyday life, but if you wouldn’t feel secure and are afraid to do anything, it could mean you need someone’s help to address it. Consider seeing a mental health professional.

  • To Energized Yourself

If you ever feel there is a lack of energy in your personality and you cannot take initiative then you must consult a psychologist.  The Best Psychologist at Model Town Lahore will overcome this problem. 

  • Issues in Your Relationship 

Any dramatic change in your relationship can lead to the end. Good communication and balance are very necessary for a Healthy Relationship. However, if you feel any issues while maintaining your relationship, then definitely a psychologist will help to boost your mental health. Ultimately you will see positive aspects in your relationship. 

  • You want to strengthen your Social interaction

If you are a very dynamic person and energized but now you are withdrawing yourself from social meetings. Then definitely you should seek a psychologist. A social doctor will guide you through the therapies and tips to promote your personality in society. 

  • Improper Sleep pattern

Having a bad sleep cycle due to emotional disturbance or any other factor can be treated by a psychologist. 

  • Past Trauma

Any past incident that may cause hindrance in your progress towards the future shows the sign that it’s time to meet a good psychologist in Lahore. 

  • You feel you are no longer productive

Losing energy and passion for work is also another important indicator to consult with a mental therapist. 

  • Poor Eating Habits

Healthy eating habitats are very important in your daily lifestyle. However, if you are not taking good and nutritious food then definitely it may cause serious illness. For this, a psychologist will help you. 

  • Used to Smoking & Alcohol

If you are using any kind of drugs or alcohol and smoking then definitely you should meet a psychologist. Since these drugs can harm your health and cause personality changes as well. For this, a good psychologist can guide you in a better way. 


Why should I consult a psychologist?

In case of any issues like mental and behavioral problems. You must consult a psychiatrist to overcome your personality disorders. 

Who are the Best Psychologist at Model Town, Lahore?

Dr. Syeda Mubashara Zahra

Who is the best Psychologist  Should I See?

Depending on what kind of problem you have, you may decide which Best Psychologist at Model Town, Lahore to see. You might, for example, make appointments with specialists who have expertise in your diseases since we have different types of psychologists.

What is the fee of the Best Psychologist at Model Town, Lahore? 

It depends on which Psychologist you choose. A complete profile of each doctor is mentioned on the ilaj Mualja online platform. You can also check from there.  

How do I choose the Best Psychologist at Model Town, Lahore?  

By visiting the ilaj Mualja website, you can select any psychologist that best suits you. 

At which time do I see my Psychologist? 

You can book your appointment at your convenient hours or also consult via video call. In addition, our concerned person forwards your query to your doctor, confirms your appointment, and informs you about your arrival time at the hospital.

How can I contact a Best Psychologist at Model Town, Lahore?

You can call on 03256299992. We will provide you with complete detail of your psychiatrist.

Will I be satisfied after consulting psychologists?

We provide 100% patient satisfaction. You can also check the reviews available on our website.