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Best Plastic Surgeon in Lahore

Dr bushra akram Plastic Surgeon in Lahore

Dr. Bushra Akram

Plastic Surgeon

MBBS and FCPS in Plastic Surgery

04 Years Experience

36 Patient Reviews
Dr. Riaz Zulqarnain Aslam Cardiologist Lahore

Asst. Prof. Dr. Qamar uddin Khan

Plastic Surgeon

MBBS and FCPS (Plastic Surgery)

10 Years Experience

36 Patient Reviews

Things you must know Before Consulting with Best Plastic Surgeon in Lahore

Plastic Surgery is very common nowadays. If you also want to consult with the best plastic surgeon then you are in the right place. ilaj Mualja has selected the most experienced and famous Plastic Surgeon in Lahore for you. These are widely known due to their top treatment. In addition, with the best practicing location, convenient hours, fees, and online availability for video consultation, we have finalized the Best Plastic Surgeons in Lahore for you. You can contact any of your desired doctors by visiting our website. We will provide you with complete information about your doctor. Here we are going to discuss some most common practice characteristics of a Top Plastic Surgeon in Lahore. 

Who is a Plastic Surgeon?

A surgical discipline is known as plastic surgery deals with the reconstruction, modification, or change of the human body. Reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery are the two main subcategories. 

1- Reconstructive Surgery

The therapy of burns, hand surgery, microsurgery, and facial surgery are all examples of reconstructive surgery.  Reconstructive surgery intends to rebuild a component of the body or increase its functionality.

2- Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic (or aesthetically) surgery tries to enhance one’s look and appearance.

When to see plastic Surgeons?

Patients with burns frequently require facial surgery to cover areas of skin damage or scarring. Severe injury patients could also require plastic surgery.  

In plastic surgery, there are 5 major areas of focus:

  • Burns and injuries
  • Cancer (face, head & neck, breast, and tumor)
  • Intrinsic abnormalities
  • Diseases that need to cure due to tissue degeneration
  • Normalization and aesthetic improvement of your face.

If You want to consult with Best Plastic Surgeon in Lahore, you can book appointment by contacting on our Helpline. 

What issues do Plastic Surgeons in Lahore treat?

Normally a Top plastic surgeon in Lahore treats the following issues. Some of them are mentioned here.  

  • Nose lift 
  • Botox
  • Skin grafting
  • Prosthetic arms 
  • Fillers
  • Hair transport
  • Breast implants
  • Wound treatment
  • Burn treatment
  • Prosthetic legs
List of Top Plastic Surgeons in Lahore

Ilaj Mualja has selected the most renowned and experienced Plastic Surgeons Specialist for you. Here are a good number of suggestions. 

  • Prof. Dr. Ahmad Khan
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Qamar uddin Khan
  • Dr. Bushra Akram
  • Dr. Muhammad Saleem
Things you need to know before consulting with Plastic Surgeon

If you are considering to consult with a female plastic surgeon in Lahore, there are several things you should keep in mind before making your decision:

1- Qualification

 You must see your doctor qualification first and your area of specialty in the specific field. 

2- Experience

 If your doctor has a pioneer year of experience in his/her field then it makes a difference. An experienced doctor will guide you in a better way. 

3- Satisfactory Patient Reviews

After consulting with the doctor, most of the clients give reviews on the doctor’s profile. You can check those reviews available on our website. After that, you will be satisfied by seeing already patient satisfaction level. 

Book your Appointment or Consult via online through ilaj Mualja

Now you can book your appointment with your doctor anywhere in Pakistan at any time. In addition, you do not need to wait in long ques since we already booked your time with your concerned doctor. We care for you and this is what we are doing for the last few years to make your health better. 

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The Best Plastic Surgeons in Lahore are mentioned here. 

  • Dr. Bushra Akram
  • Prof. Dr. Ahmad Khan 
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Qamar uddin Khan
  • Dr. Muhammad Saleem 

Making an appointment or talking with your plastic surgeon’s doctor through ilaj Mualja online doesn’t incur any extra costs. Only the plastic surgeon’s fees are charged. This fee will depend on the choice of your doctor. 

You can book your appointment at your convenient hours or also consult via video call. In addition, our concerned person forwards your query to your doctor and confirms your appointment. 

We provide 100% patient satisfaction. You can also check the reviews available on our website.

By visiting the ilaj Mualja website, you can select any Plastic Surgeons that best suits you.

You can call on 03256299992. We will provide you with complete details of your doctor. 

Nowadays, people are very conscious about their look facial features. So if you want to enhance your facial expressions either with surgery or cosmetics then you must visit first plastic Surgeons. The Best Plastic Surgeon in Lahore will guide you in detail through the whole procedure. 

 You can transfer your fee by following online methods. Jazz Cash Easy-paisa Bank Account

Due to the top leading healthcare platforms online in Pakistan for patients, ilaj Mualja offers a great opportunity to connect with your concerned doctor from anywhere in Pakistan. Moreover, due to highly experienced and PMC-verified doctors with years of experience, we provide you with the most renowned teams of health experts.

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