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Best Nutritionist In Bilal Ganj Lahore

15 Best Nutritionist In Bilal Ganj Lahore

Ms. Duaa Chishty


BS Clinical Nutritionist 

05 Years Experience

21 Patient Reviews

Ilaj Mualja provides you with several top nutritionists in Bilal Ganj  in Lahore to give you the best health advice. These nutritionists are highly recommended due to their years of experience and great services. In addition, you can contact your nutritionist at your convenient hours. Here we are going to highlight the Best Nutritionists in Bilal Ganj in Lahore and their services. 

Who is a Nutritionist? 

A nutritionist is a health expert in terms of food and your daily diet plans.  They will guide you about the particular type of food, nutrients, and health benefits. Moreover, this nutritionist can help to guide you about your daily healthy meal plans and recipes. You can get your customized order according to your calories. Furthermore, you can also share your previous food history to get the best health results in the future. 

Does a Nutritionist study the same as a Doctor does?

No, nutritionists have to study the metabolic, biological, and physiological composition and aspects of food. They must have a deep knowledge of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. However, a doctor’s study is based on medication and human physiology. In addition, the doctor can become a nutritionist after getting licensed as a dietitian in a particular subject. This specialty includes pediatrician, gynecology, cardiology, neurology, etc. 

How to find a Best Nutritionist?

To find the best nutritionist in Bilal Ganj Lahore, you can easily check the official website of Ilaj Mualja to seek the top nutritionist Bilal Ganj in Lahore. Moreover, we also have some good suggestions for you. 

  • Dr. Dua Chishty


Why should I consult a  Nutritionist?

Whenever you have any health issue, more especially with diet,  a well-experienced nutritionist is the first choice for you to consult. Poor nutrition can cause serious illness. For this, you need to consult the Best Nutritionist or Dietitian/Other Doctor to get the best advice. 

Who is the Best Nutritionist in Bilal Ganj Lahore?

The best Nutritionist Bilal Ganj in Lahore is mentioned here.

  • Dr. Dua Chishty
What is the fee of the Best Nutritionist Bilal Ganj in Lahore? 

Making an appointment or talking with your  Nutritionist through Ilaj Mualja online doesn’t include any extra costs. Only the Nutritionist fees are charged. This fee will depend on the choice of your doctor. You can visit the profile of the Nutritionist listed on our site. Where you will get a complete detail of each Nutritionist.

How do I choose the Best  Nutritionist Bilal Ganj in Lahore? 

By visiting the Ilaj Mualja website, you can select any  Nutritionist that best suits you. We have selected the top most  Nutritionist that can provide you with numerous health concerns either through physical appointments or online video call services. 

At which time do I see my  Nutritionist? 

You can book your appointment at your convenient hours or also consult via video call. In addition, our concerned person forward your query to your doctor and confirm your appointment. 

Will I be satisfied after consulting a Nutritionist?

We provide 100% patient satisfaction. You can also check the reviews available on our website. Since Patients satisfaction is always our first choice. Hence we provide you with the most renowned Nutritionist who 100% provides you satisfaction.

How can I contact my  Nutritionist?

To contact your  Nutritionist,  you can call on our helpline number 03256299992. We will provide you with complete information regarding the doctor and book your appointment. 

How can I pay appointment charges?

You can transfer your fee by following online methods.

  • Jazz Cash
  • Easy-paisa
  • Bank Account 

Why only ilaj Mualja?

Due to the top leading healthcare platforms online in Pakistan for patients, Ilaj Mualja offers a great opportunity to connect with your concerned doctor from anywhere in Pakistan. Moreover, due to highly experienced and PMC-verified doctors with years of experience, we provide you with the most renowned teams of health experts. In addition, our online platform provides you with several health disease awareness videos that can help to stay away from disorder in multiple ways.