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If you are looking for the best eye specialist in Lahore, then you are in the right place. ilaj Mualja offers you a highly skilled and top experienced Ophthalmologist in Lahore to seek the best advice for your eyes. We have already selected those eye specialists that are widely known in Lahore. In addition, you will get complete detail of your doctor through our Platform. So that you can easily contact them without wasting time.  Here are some more details about Ophthalmologist in Lahore you must need to know. 


Ophthalmologists or eye specialists are alternatively used for professionals who deal with physiological, and anatomical infections of the eyes and orbits. In addition, this branch of science is known as ophthalmology. 

5 Signs show you might need an eye specialist 

According to research, you just need to examine your eye annually. In this way, your doctor will let you know how many times you should repeat your eye checkup. 

Prevention and treatment of common vision problems, such as:


Cataracts are critical. the clouding of your eyes’ lenses, which can result in vision loss.

Diabetic Retinopathy

 is the result of injury to the blood vessels inside the back of your eyes, which can lead to blindness. 


 is an illness that affects your nerve fibers.

Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration is the progressive decrease of tissues in your eye that allow you to see by using light. How frequently should you get your eyes checked? This is determined by your age and other lifestyle factors.

There are several factors that, similar to any other component of your health, can increase your chance of developing eye problems, some of which are beyond one’s control. You should have your eyes tested once a year if you:

  • Have a family history of vision problems such as vision problems, retinopathy, macular degeneration, or macular degeneration.
  • Have such a visibly demanding job, such as working on a laptop all day.
  • Use contact lenses.
  • Have you ever had laser surgery or an eye injury?
  • In addition, you should also consult when you feel the difference in the focal length of your eye. 
When your eyesight is declining
  • If you’re having trouble able to read street signs or the text on the screen, it’s a good time to visit your eye doctor.
  • Some people struggle with seeing far apart (farsightedness), while others struggle with seeing extremely close (nearsightedness). In both conditions, you should see an eye specialist. 
  • Eye strain can lead to headaches and also make it challenging to go about your everyday routine. This occurs when your eyes are not focusing properly, causing them to work more than usual. A headache caused by visual fatigue usually occurs after you have used your eyes for a long period, such as when trying to read or working.
Your Eyes Are Hypersensitive

If your eyelids are red and irritated but you can’t see something, you may be allergic. You might not notice allergy symptoms, but you are experiencing:

  • Skin redness
  • Discolorations
  • Burning
  • Release water clearly
Allergies to the eyes could be caused 
  1. Grass, tree branches, and weeds are examples of outdoor allergens.
  2. Pet dog hair, Mould, and dust mites are examples of indoor allergens.
  3. Smoke and fragrance are irritants.
  4. Depending on the extent of your condition, your eye doctor may advise you to use prescription eye drops and medications.
 You Have Increased Eye Issues

If you suspect that there’s something wrong with your eyes, don’t put it off until your next visit. You could be showing early signs of eye problems, disease, or serious injuries.

Who are the Best Ophthalmologists in Lahore?

We have selected some of the most popular eye specialists in Lahore for you. Here is the good number of suggestions. 

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Shamshad Ali

  • Dr. Asif Khokhar

  • Dr. Khawaja Khalid Shoaib

You can get any of your desired eye specialists in Lahore with our online platform. We at ilaj Mualja are always ready to facilitate our patients with the best doctor in Pakistan. 


Why should I consult an Eye Specialist?

Case of any issue like an infection in the eye, injury, dislocation of any eyeball, or pain in roots or another optical part can be treated by a good eye specialist in Lahore. 

Who is the Best Eye Specialist in Lahore?
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Shamshad Ali

  • Dr. Asif Khokhar

  • Dr. Khawaja Khalid Shoaib

Who is the Best Ophthalmologist Should I See?

Depending on what kind of problem you have, you may decide which eye specialist in Lahore to see. You might, for example, make appointments with specialists who have expertise in surgical treatment or a common dentist. If you are unable to visit the clinic, you can seek advice from an eye specialist in Lahore via our online platform.

What is the fee of the Best Eye Specialist in Lahore? 

It depends on which eye specialist you choose. A complete profile of each doctor is mentioned on Ilaj Mualja online plate form. You can also check from there.  

How do I choose the Best Eye Specialist in Lahore?  

By visiting the Ilaj Mualja website, you can select any eye specialist that best suits you. 

At which time do I see my Eye Specialist

You can book your appointment at your convenient hours or also consult via video call. In addition, our concerned person forwards your query to your doctor, confirms your appointment, and informs you about your arrival time at the hospital.

How can I contact an Eye Specialist in Lahore??

You can call on 03256299992. We will provide you with complete details of your Dentist in Lahore.

Will I be satisfied after consulting an eye specialist?

We provide 100% patient satisfaction. You can also check the reviews available on our website.

How can I pay appointment charges?

You can transfer your fee by following online methods.

  • Jazz Cash
  • Easy-paisa
  • Bank Account 

Why only Ilaj Mualja?

Due to the top leading healthcare platforms online in Pakistan for patients, Ilaj Mualja offers a great opportunity to connect with your concerned doctor from anywhere in Pakistan. Moreover, due to highly experienced and PMC-verified doctors with years of experience, we provide you most renowned teams of health experts.