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Best Dentist In DHA Lahore

Best Dentist Dr. Muhammad Ali Khan

Dr. Muhammad Ali Khan


BDS, RDS, C-implant, C-endo, C-ortho UHS 

10 Years Experience

20 Patient Reviews

Ilaj Mualja offers highly skilled and professional dentists in DHA Defence Lahore. More than 500+ dentists are available at DHA Defence in Lahore. Among them, we choose only the best and most experienced Dentist for you. Here we are going to highlight the top dentist DHA Defence in Lahore near you.  

Who Is a Dentist? 

A licensed physician trained in the prevention, diagnostic testing, and treatments of diseases ,cuts, bruises, and deformities of the teeth, jaws, and mouth, as well as the formation and placement of partial dentures.

This is a list of the most widely known dental treatments. They are easily accessible through their Clinic. A Dentist’s Top Services are highlighted here.

Who is the Best Dentist in DHA Defence Lahore?

Ilaj Mualja offers you a list of top Dentists in DHA Defence Lahore with 100% satisfied patient reviews. Some of them are listed here. 

  • Dr. Muhammad Ali Khan

These are some of the most recommended and well-renowned dentists in Lahore. You can book your appointment through the Ilaj Mualja Platform. We will provide you with complete information about your doctor.


Why should I Consult a Dentist?

In case of any issue like tooth immobility, injury, dislocation of any teeth, or pain in roots or another body part of your oral cavity can be treated by a good Dentist in DHA Defence Lahore. 

Who is the Best Dentist in DHA Defence Lahore??

  • Dr. Muhammad Ali Khan

Who is the Best Dentist Should I See?

Depending on what kind of problem you have, you may decide which dentist in DHA Defence Lahore to see. You might, for example, make appointments with specialists who have expertise in surgical treatment or a common dentist. If you are unable to visit the clinic, you can seek advice from a Dentist/other Doctors in DHA Defence Lahore via our online platform.

How can I contact a Dentist in DHA Defence Lahore??

You can call on 03256299992. We will provide you with complete details of your Dentist in DHA Defence Lahore.

Will I be satisfied after consulting a Dentist?

We provide 100% patient satisfaction. You can also check the reviews available on our website or Call Now 03256299992.

How can I pay appointment charges?

You can transfer your fee by following online methods.

  • Jazz Cash
  • Easy-paisa
  • Bank Account 

Why only Ilaj Mualja?

Due to the top leading healthcare platforms online in Pakistan for patients, Ilaj Mualja offers a great opportunity to connect with your concerned doctor from anywhere in Pakistan. Moreover, due to highly experienced and PMC-verified doctors with years of experience, we provide you with the most renowned teams of health experts