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Introduction of Best Cardiologist in Lahore

Are you looking for the Best cardiologist in Lahore? Then you are in the right place. ilaj Mualja has selected the most experienced and famous Cardiologist in Lahore for you. These Cardiologists are widely known due to their top treatment. In addition, with the best practicing location, convenient hours, fees, and online availability for video consultation, we have finalized the Best Heart Specialist in Lahore for you.

 You can contact any of your desire cardiologists by visiting our website. We will provide you with complete information about your doctor. Here we are going to discuss some most common practice characteristics of cardiologists.  

Who is a Cardiologist?

A doctor who specializes in treating problems with the heart and blood vessels is known as a cardiologist. They can assist you in treating or preventing a variety of Cardiovascular Issues. They may also focus on particular diseases, such as those involving irregular heart rhythms, heart failure, or long-term heart issues. 

What does a Cardiologist Do?

A cardiologist is a medical professional who treats heart disorders, hypertension, heart problems, abnormalities with your cardiovascular system and blood arteries, as well as various cardiac and vascular diseases.  Some of the most common heart diseases in Lahore are mentioned here. 

  • Cholesterol
  • Uric acid 
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart Attacks 

Types of Best Cardiologist in Lahore.

Cardiologists come in at least many different sub-categories. They focus on various heart and vascular issues, including cardiac imaging and other medical heart interventions. Cardiologists can specialize even further, while they are all experts in the understanding of your heart and blood arteries. Cardiologists come in several forms. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Clinical cardiologist
  • Cardiac oncologist
  • Heart failure cardiologist 
  • Geriatric cardiologist 
  • Preventive cardiologist
  • Sports cardiologist 
  • Critical care cardiologist 
  • Intervention cardiologist
  •  Electro cardiologist 

Top Killer Heart Diseases in Lahore.  

Lahore is one of the top lists of heart diseases. Currently, heart attacks account for over 2380 mortality annually around the world. Global health statistics place Lahore 18th out of 183 nations in terms of mortality from coronary heart attacks. Many factors can contribute to leading heart problems. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Having a cigarette
  • unfavorable blood cholesterol 
  • Consistently elevated blood pressure
  • Physical inactivity
  • Overweight (having a BMI greater than 25) 
  • Complicated diabetes
  • Increased C-reactive protein
  • Uncontrolled anxiety, sadness, and rage
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Use of alcohol

10  Most Common Types of Heart Disease you should know.

Since heart diseases are the leading disease in Lahore. So here we are going to highlight the top killer heart diseases in Lahore

Congestive heart failure. 
Referred to as coronary heart disease, is the primary cause of more than 95% of all heart diseases. Damage to the coronary arteries, which carry blood to the heart, causes it to happen. When a partial blockage of blood vessels reduces the blood supply to the heart, causing heart attacks and other cardiac diseases, it is also known as ischemic cardiovascular disease.
Cardiac Muscle.
Weakness is a disorder known as cardiomyopathy. As a result, the blood’s ability to circulate throughout the body is hindered. Heart failure may potentially develop from it. Long-term drinking or high blood sugar may be the cause. Viral infection can occasionally lead to the myocardium.
Rheumatic Heart Disease.

It happens when rheumatic fever carried on by a streptococcal bacterial infection damages the cardiovascular system and pericardium. 60% of people who get rheumatic fever will eventually experience cardiac problems of some kind.

Angina pectoris.

It is a severe pulmonary condition caused by insufficient blood flow to the heart. It might feel tight, uncomfortable, or just plain painful.


 An irregular heartbeat brought on by the heart’s inability to accept electrical signals is referred to as an arrhythmia. Arrhythmia can develop in individuals who have heart illnesses, such as cardiomyopathy, cardiovascular disease, or excessive blood pressure.

Congenital Heart Diseases.

It is a functional and structural defect of the heart found in a person by birth. 

Atrial fibrillation

 The heart muscle fibrillates, or contracts very quickly and irregularly if rapid electric signals interfere with the heart’s function to adequately pump blood around the body.

Myocardial infarction

Sometimes known as a heart attack, occurs when the blood arteries supplying blood to the heart constrict, obstructing the flow of blood through the heart. It is the most frequent cause of death from coronary artery disease.

Inflammation of Heart

Inflammation in the heart can be caused due to multiple factors either a viral infection, autoimmune disorder, etc. 

Bad Cholesterol

Having high bad cholesterol levels in the blood can also contribute to heart disease in Lahore. 

FAQ'S About Heart Specialist in Lahore:

Nowadays, several health issues are generated due to physical inactivity and poor nutrition. One of the top list diseases is heart disorder. For this, you need to consult a cardiologist/Other Doctors to get the best advice to keep your heart health optimal.  

The Best Cardiologist in Lahore are mentioned here. 

  • Dr. Amir Majeed

  • Dr. Asif Rana Hussain

  • Dr. Shahzad Majeed Bhatti

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