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Best Child Specialist In 26 Number Chungi Islamabad

21 Best Child Specialist In 26 Number Chungi Islamabad

Dr. Syed Ikram Ul Hassan

Pediatrician | Child Specialist 

MBBS , MD Peads 

06 Years Experience

29 Patient Reviews

More than 3000 children’s doctor in Pakistan are present currently. Among them, ilaj Mualja chooses the most famous and top doctors for your children. The list of the pediatrician  (بچوں کا ڈاکٹر) is listed on our website. You can check and choose the best doctor for your children that suits them. ilaj Mualja always offers you the best Child Specialist/ pediatrician  (بچوں کا ڈاکٹر) in 26 number Chungi Islamabad. This children doctor help to treat several diseases in children. The Best Pediatrician in 26 number Chungi Islamabad is trained to treat infants and babies who need a doctor for their special medical needs. Apart from physical, mental, and behavioral issues of your children, this pediatrician (بچوں کا ڈاکٹر)  also helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your children. 

What Qualifications Required to become a  Best Child Specialist

To become a Child Specialist or Pediatrician in 26 number Chungi Islamabad, one must complete the MBBS (Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery).  After that, I practiced house work, got the degree of M.D ( Doctor of Medicine), and then pursued a career as a pediatrician. 

When you visit a Child Specialist/ pediatrician? 

Here we are going to mention all those symptoms and medical conditions that assist you to book your appointment with the best Child Specialist in 26 number Chungi Islamabad. 

  • If your child has a short breath
  • Any change in the color of the face (pale) or eyes of your child
  • Poor growth ( low weight for height or age)
  • Weakness
  • Lethargy
  • Not active participation in activities
  • Common infections
  • Becoming ill most of the time
  • Lack of appetite
  • Body pain
  • Any abnormality in the normal function of the body( constipation, diarrhea) 

These are some of the examples related to child health. If your child feels any signs and symptoms of the above, then you should consult a doctor urgently. The best Child Specialist in 26 number Chungi Islamabad will advise you after checking your baby.

Top Child specialist in 26 number Chungi Islamabad near you

If you are finding the best pediatrician in 26 number Chungi Islamabad, then you are at the right place. We have top pediatricians that can advise you the best. These are:

  • Dr. Syed Akram ul Hassan

What are the top issues generally treated by a pediatrician?

The best pediatrician in 26 number Chungi Islamabad monitors the child’s growth, advancement, physiological changes, social well-being, mental health, dietary habits, vaccination background, and sleep pattern.

A primary care pediatrician could also treat children’s serious injuries such as fractures and dislocated joints. They treat and handle chronic and acute diseases in children, as well as prescribed medication such as pain relievers and antibiotics.

In addition, Pediatric experts, on the other hand, work with specific major organs of children and have more experience and knowledge in dealing with them.

Common practices of the Best Child Specialist in 26 number Chungi Islamabad.

The pediatrician of 26 number Chungi Islamabad guides you about the medical issues of your child. This Child Specialist will treat them according to the specific illness and let you know more about the health of your child. The most common services provided by Child Specialists of 26 number Chungi Islamabad are mentioned here. 

  • Treatment against infectious diseases. Since most of the children are at risk of getting sick due to viruses and bacterial infection. 
  • Having issues regarding heart, liver, kidneys, and stomach. 
  • Any kind of infection like ear and eye infection can cause serious issues in your children if not treated properly. 
  • Intestinal bowel syndrome frequently occurs in children. These may cause serious health issues like diarrhea, constipation, and ulcers in the small intestine.  

Any of the above mentioned diseases can be better looked after by a Child Specialist in 26 number Chungi Islamabad. You can directly contact your desired pediatrician if your children have any issues. 


Why should I consult a Child Specialist?

Whenever you have any health issue, a Child Specialist/ pediatrician is the first choice for you to consult. Several disorders can cause serious illness. For this, you need to consult a Child Specialist/ pediatrician/other Doctors  to get the best advice. 

Who is the best Child Specialist/ pediatrician in 26 number Chungi Islamabad?

Best  Child Specialists/pediatricians in 26 number Chungi Islamabad are mentioned here.

  • Dr. Syed Akram ul Hassan 
What is the fee of the Best Child Specialist/ pediatrician in 26 number Chungi  Islamabad? 

Making an appointment or talking with your Child Specialist/ pediatrician through ilaj Mualja online doesn’t include any extra costs. Only the Child Specialist fees are charged. This fee will depend on the choice of your doctor. You can visit the profile of the Child Specialist/ pediatrician listed on our site. Where you will get a complete detail of each Physician.

How do I choose the Best Child Specialist/ pediatrician in 26 numbers Chungi Islamabad? 

By visiting the ilaj Mualja website, you can select any Child Specialist/ pediatrician that best suits you. We have selected the top most Child Specialists/ pediatrician that can provide you with numerous health concerns either through physical appointments or online video call services. 

At which time I see my Child specialist? 

You can book your appointment at your convenient hours or also consult via video call. In addition, our concerned person forward your query to your doctor and confirm your appointment. 

Will I be satisfied after consulting a pediatrician or child specialist?

We provide 100% patient satisfaction. You can also check the reviews available on our website. Since Patients satisfaction is always our first choice. Hence we provide you with the most renowned Child Specialist/ pediatrician that 100% provides you satisfaction.

How can I contact my  Child specialist?

To contact your pediatrician or Child Specialist you can call on our helpline number 03256299992. We will provide you with complete information regarding the doctor and book your appointment. 

How can I pay appointment charges?

You can transfer your fee by following online methods.

  • Jazz Cash
  • Easy-paisa
  • Bank Account 

Why only ilaj Mualja?

Due to the top leading healthcare platforms online in Pakistan for patients, ilaj Mualja offers a great opportunity to connect with your concerned doctor from anywhere in Pakistan. Moreover, due to highly experienced and PMC-verified doctors with years of experience, we provide you with the most renowned teams of health experts. In addition, our online platform provides you with several health diseases awareness videos that can help to stay away from disorders in multiple ways. children’s doctor