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10 Best Winter Foods

10 Best Winter Foods

Winter brings massive health issues specially when it gets colder more. Number of people are suffering from sneezing and coughing. As the days are more colder, the risk of these winter diseases increasing more and more. Hence, you need to boost your immunity to fight these viral and bacterial functions. It only possible when you take proper precautions along with healthy diet. So here we are going to enlist  the 10 winter foods that everyone should eat in this  season. 

  • Eggs


In winter season, everyone wants to keep their inside warm. So Nutritionist at ilaj  Mualja will recommend Boil eggs  to eat. It is one of the natural super food rich in vitamin D and protein. By consuming 2-3 eggs with green tea or black tea  in winter food  breakfast can be a healthy choice. Moreover, you can also opt this option of food for your winter snacking. 


  • Orange


One of the key nutrient in winter food  is Vitamin C. This is a very effective in treating cold , fever , sneezing and coughing problems. Hence, oranges are naturally loaded with Vitamin C. You can either eat raw fruit or  cup of juice to  increase your immunity level.  Moreover, you can add a pinch of Salt in your juice to promote taste and nutrients as well. Daily 1-2 cup of orange juice is  beneficial  for you in winter season. Apart from keeping your immunity active, it also provide number of  other health benefits. For example, it promote your skin brightness and resolve pigmentation issues which have to face in winter. 


  • Fish 

10 Best Winter Foods

Fish is another great choice of food to add in your meal in winter. It contain many essential nutrients like B 12, omega 3 fatty acids, Protein and Zinc that can help to promote your immune system and strengthen. In addition, these omega 3 fatty acids are the great source to produce heat in your body. As a results, it can help you to stay warm and active in winter. Moreover, these nutrients in your fish can also brighten your skin color which often become dark in winter season specially. Two portion of fish in a week is recommended to eat according to Nutritionist. 

  • Pomegranate 

10 Best Winter Foods

Most of the diseases caused by due to free radicals. These free radicals are actually waste material in our body. These can be removed by  polyphenols. These polyphenols are powerful  antioxidants in winter food that can prevent cell damage and remove toxins from body. According to research, 100% pomegranate juice has more nutrients and disease fighting potential as compared to mix fruits juice. 

  •  Peanuts 


The arrival of winter season offer the perfect vibes to eat peanuts. These peanuts are the good choice to fulfil your  taste for a  crispy and lips smacking foods.  In addition, these peanuts are loaded naturally with  micro and macro nutrients that can provide you number of health benefits. For example, these peanuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids that can prevent heart attacks. In addition, it lowers the bad cholesterol in your body as well. So try to add peanut in winter food. 

  • Carrot 


 Carrots in winter food are the among the top list of super foods  due to its strong nutritional profile. These nutrients are fiber, protein, beta carotene, potassium, vitamin K , Vitamin A and other micro nutrients. It is a complete pack of health  that offer you  versatile health benefits and taste.  In addition, eating carrots in winter seasons can also prevent the risk of occurring diseases due to its diseases fighting abilities. People of different countries make Carrot Halwa (Gajjar ka Halwa) in winter season specially. Furthermore, in winter  we stay indoor mostly and hence do not expose in our body in sun. For this, immunity can be be decreases. That’s why you should eat carrots in winter to get lot of nutrients and minerals. 

  • Leafy Green Vegetables 

Leafy Green Vegetables

All green leafy vegetables are the best choice to add in your diet in winter . These are not only rich in natural antioxidants but also it can  help you to stay active and fit throughout your winter. These green vegetables in winter foods are rich in  beta carotene, vitamin C and powerful bio active compounds that offer numerous health benefits. In addition, it also provide great energy to your body. 

  • Spinach

10 Best Winter Foods

Yes, spinach is another  strong recommendation in Winter Foods. Loaded with natural antioxidants and minerals. These nutrients can help you to fight  multiple health issues. Among these nutrients, Zinc is another  great nutrient that can help you to fight against diseases. In addition, Zinc can help to reduce the respiratory diseases.  You can either cook spinach or add in you salad. 

  • Yogurt 


Yogurt  is another good choice to add in your diet. It is rich in prebiotics and essential nutrients that promote your gut health. As a result, promote digestion. So adding yogurt in winter food choice can be beneficial for you. 

  •  Dry fruits 

10 Best Winter Foods

The good source of fiber , protein, healthy fats and essential nutrients are all present in winter. These  are  are the great source of munching in winter season. It keeps your body warm from inside. In addition, a hands full of nuts can also offer you a good amount of energy along with essential nutrients.

Stay Healthy by eating Winter  Foods

The winter weather can hinder your fitness routine and even send you on a mood roller coaster, leading to binge as a result of stress and frustration. Include both complex carbohydrates and proteins in your winter food diet. This will help to balance serotonin, a soothing brain chemical, and it will not cause feelings of hunger caused by low sugar levels. One-third nutrient and two-thirds vegetables as well as salads is the ideal ratio.

Pay much attention to your way of life as well. Getting awake late, working late at night, eating at inopportune times, subjecting the body to stress and exhaustion and sleeping during the day can all disrupt intestinal absorption and body rhythmic patterns, compromising rather than strengthening the immune system. So, this winter, stay healthy and fit by adding these nutritious food in your diet.

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